Friday, 30 December 2011


Some of you may have read The Portfolio Investor last year. If you tried it, and didn't take to it, then move on. There's nothing to see here.

If however, you read TPI and thought it ok, then this blog might just be for you.

I want to try a different tack though, to TPI. The aim of this blog is threefold...

One, to give something of interest to those who have a portfolio of tipping services that they follow themselves. I have one, and always enjoy reading the experiences of others that do so.

Two, to recount my trading experiences. You may remember that I was getting into trading tennis matches earlier this year. Well, my short period of training is complete, and as 2012 begins with the Australian Open, readers will be able to follow my progress (and I appreciate the word "progress" may, at this stage, be a little optimistic!) as I look to start trading properly. More on this to follow.

And three, to force my opinion on to any reader who cares to drop into the blog from time to time, on any issue that might arise that's worth commenting on. Usually that will be related to gambling/trading, occasionally will touch upon football I'm sure, but may at times simply be some ramblings on something completely random. Perhaps on something that has got my the neighbours, or cyclists, or the bin men who leave the street in a right state every week with litter strewn everywhere, who scowl at you as you leave the house in the morning, stop their lorry right in front of your driveway knowing full well you can't get out to get to work, and then ask for a Christmas tip. Smiling sweetly then though, aren't they?!? Bastards.

Look, what I'm trying to say is that this blog will cover the next 12 month period, gambling and trading tennis (plus the odd NFL match), seeing what can and cannot be achieved. There will not be a post every night. Can't do it. Too busy. But tune in regularly, and every now and then, there'll be something new to read. As far as that muppet TPI is concerned, he had a decent September, a great October, a very good November, and a flat December. All in all, it rescued 2011 so that, although it couldn't be described as a good year, it paid it's way and left a bit over. That's all I want to say about it really for a wise man once sung (sang?) to me, don't look back in anger. So I won't.

I'll do another post soon, outlining my services, staking, a bit more about the trading, blah, blah. Bet you can't wait, eh?

So, did we all have a good Christmas then?